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What's Inside?

See what's inside your HANEE21 package

4 Fashion Items

Stylish, Affordable, Curated, Feel-Your-Best, Boutique Style Items delivered to your door monthly. Includes 2 Clothing (from tops, dresses, skirts & more) plus  2 Accessories (from necklaces, bracelets, scarves, sunglasses & more)


Makes the perfect gift

All style delightfulness you could ever dream of, delivered to your door monthly. Keep for yourself, share with your friends, or give a sweet gift to a loved one! 


What type of items would I receive?

We currently offer shirts, blouses, outerwear, skirts, shorts, dresses, scarves, hair accessories, jewelry and bags. We work with up-and-coming affordable boutique labels and brands to help you discover amazing products and trends.

Do you carry clothing made in USA?

Many of our items are made here in the US. Many other items are made in Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala and China. What you receive in your package depends on your style, size and what we have in inventory. 

What is Typical Retail Value of Package?

Typically, each package has a retail value of $85.00! Check out our shop for some of our items. 

Can I buy individual Items?

Yes. You can buy any individual item in our shop. Free shipping guaranteed.

Can I buy more than one package per month?

Yes. You can buy as many package as you would like. Each package will have different items.