Goddess II Eyeshadow Palette

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A  jewel of a palette inspired by powerful immortals and a couple of game changers. This incredible follow up palette allows you to transform yourself into the Goddess of the hour. Each color is highly pigmented and delivers intense color pay off. A mixture of matte shimmer and glitter eyeshadow allows you to create long lasting eye catching looks.

GLŌGIRL Cosmetics is a fierce, edgy lip brand for everyone looking to bring out their inner GLŌ. Our products are a means through which we strive to empower women by encouraging them to be bold, confident, sassy and bad-assy, while allowing them to embrace their true authentic selves. Each unique shade defines what it means to standout from the crowd while simultaneously embodying  the beautiful, raw, and natural state of every woman. Everyone has an inner GLŌGIRL and we are here to provide that extra swagg that elevates  you from Basic to Beyoncé. Girl, it’s your time to shine and GLŌ! 


    Brand: GLŌGIRL

    Type: Beauty

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